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What local officials said would take 20 years to fund and build, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation accomplished in three years
The 31st annual LVMPD K-9 Trials provides a great opportunity for agencies to showcase their K-9 teams to the community
There will never be another one like Mills Lane
“There’s no penetration, there’s no laceration,” CEO Steve Luna said after the test. “This is what it’s intended to do”
The man had previously been arrested by Las Vegas police in August 2021 after scaling the Aria on the Strip
Officer Jacob Noriega climbed in with the critically injured faculty member and applied pressure to his wounds, while Officer Ty Vesperas drove the cruiser to an ambulance a few blocks away
Officer Christopher Garcia says the state would not allow him to adopt K-9 Nala, who has lived with him throughout her two years of service
“He was the guy that would take the extra time to talk to kids ...” a colleague said. “He would spend the time and really get to know them on that level and to show them that we are people that do care about them as well.”
Duane Davis maintains he was given immunity in 2008 by an FBI and LAPD task force investigating the killings of Shakur in Las Vegas and rival rapper known as The Notorious B.I.G. six months later
“Our film gives a voice to the spouses, significant others and children of the police family,” the media company’s release states
Officers took the shooter down shortly after the shots heard in the video were fired
Police found evidence the suspect could have been planning a large-scale attack including a notebook with a diagram of a “potential ambush situation”
“None of the individuals on the target list became a victim,” Sheriff Kevin McMahill said
Lessons learned from the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting helped authorities to work “seamlessly” in reacting to the UNLV attack, LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill said
The troopers, identified as Michael Abbate and Alberto Felix, were both husbands and fathers
“As we mourn these troopers, we will never forget their bravery, courage and sacrifice,” Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo said
Police Chief Hollie Chadwick stated that although they have enough patrol officers, the PD lacks roles like PIOs, cold case detectives and animal control
The man was arrested on robbery charges after crashing the cruiser into another car
“Just a fu***** hit and run. Slap on the wrist. Why you got to lie and say it’s something serious?” Jesus Ayala asks the arresting officer
Ronal Zendejas, 36, cut through doors and swung the running blade at motel employees and a guest before attempting to flee and resist arrest
Caleb Rogers, 35, brandished his department-issued firearm at one of the robberies
“So what they got you for, man?” an officer asked Davis, 60. “Biggest case in Las Vegas history,” Davis replied
One man, Duane Keffe D. Davis, found himself involved in both investigations
“People have been yearning for [Duane Davis] to be arrested for a long time. It’s never been unsolved in our minds. It’s been unprosecuted,” retired LAPD detective Greg Kading said
The suspects recorded the killing of retired Bell Police Chief Andreas Probst on video, which was provided to the police by an SRO
Retired Bell Police Chief Andreas Probst is remembered for his big heart and his welcoming nature that made any stranger feel at home
The video shows the suspect holding a fishing filet knife as he starts to move toward the officers standing outside of a residence
As the officer grabbed the suspect’s wrist, she grabbed a knife and stabbed the officer on the top of his head
In one video, an officer can be heard telling demonstrators, “This is a state route,” and “Everybody will be arrested” if they don’t disperse and get off the road