Video: Deputy cuts shirt off corrections officer accused of ferrying contraband

The sheriff’s office said the video was meant “as a show of transparency”

By Suzie Ziegler 

WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia sheriff’s office is facing backlash after it shared an eyebrow-raising video this week. In the video, a deputy cuts the shirt off the back of a corrections officer, who is handcuffed. 

According to WSAV, the corrections officer is accused of bringing contraband to inmates. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office posted the video to Facebook, saying it meant to show the officer “stripped of his authority.” The sheriff’s office later deleted the video, but WJCL obtained a copy. 

“You come to our jail and do this, this is what it’s gon’ get you,” the deputy says in the video. “You’re a disgrace to this uniform and you need to go to jail for good.” 

In a follow-up Facebook post, the sheriff’s office said the video was shared “as a show of transparency.” 

“There was no property damaged that belonged to the young man shown and as far as embarrassed, I am sure he was embarrassed from the get go,” the agency wrote. 

The post also said the sheriff didn’t know the video was going to be published. 

According to WSAV, Dayton Beasley is charged with violation of oath of office, trading with inmates without consent of warden, and crossing the guard line with a controlled substance, among others. 


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