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Patrol car stands steadfast amidst grey tempest in Oklahoma
An Oklahoma deputy ends the midnight shift with a beautiful sunrise
High-tech simulators allow for the interleaving of skills while providing stress inoculation
After twice firing shots that did not injure the woman, an officer determined that she did not have a weapon and used a TASER to incapacitate her before taking her into custody
Until the law goes into effect in January, workers’ compensation claims must be tied to a physical injury on duty
Payne County 911 Authority to improve agency coordination and reliability of its 911 system
The free event, designed to discourage teens from illegal street racing by providing a safe, controlled environment, was held at a Tulsa race track
The trooper was standing on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle and speaking with the driver, when another car side swiped the stopped vehicle
“There was no way this could have been foreseen and/or avoided,” the district attorney stated. “Had [Deputy Sean] Steadman not returned fire, I have no doubt he would have been executed by [the suspect]”
“Without even thinking of his own safety, Deputy Yerby rushed to the burning car and saved the woman. If he had hesitated even a second or two, the victim likely would have been killed,” Sheriff Johnson said
Officer Ohavyah Soto saw the suspect in a restaurant while she was out with friends; she pursued him, allowing other officers to make the arrest
Kameron Jenkins’ body and gun were found 150 yards from where the shooting occurred
Store owners subdued the man, who said he was hearing people in his head, until police arrived
Deputy Sean Steadman was shot in the chin and is expected to make a full recovery; a passenger of a vehicle was struck and killed by a stray bullet while driving on the interstate
Capt. John Randolph was working in his role as an SRO during a high school football game when he tripped on debris and fell onto a wood pile
“While we know that our officers are the Greatest Of All Time, it really was the GOATS who get the credit on this one,” the Tulsa Police Department said
“The best way we can honor [Jordan] is not to let her death be in vain. And to remember that domestic violence crosses all professions,” Sheriff Amason said
Sheriff Eddie Virden said he and his team will continue determined efforts “to bring closure to these cases and provide answers to the families seeking justice”
Firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole off for the victim to fit into an ambulance
“We’ve got seven police officers who were just doing their duty, and were placed in a position by all three of the deceased that they had to use deadly force.”
The Warner Police Department’s four officers, as well as the department’s chief, all handed in their resignations; no reason was given
“We love our citizens and greatly appreciate all the support that we get from you, this was definitely a case of 110% support,” Tulsa Police said
The attorney said the two officers have not yet been reinstated as a result of the order; The officers will receive back pay
“Sometimes a call can really get your goat,” the Enid Police Department stated
Sallisaw officers were the “last line of defense” before the suspect’s vehicle would have entered the area, causing potential “massive casualties”
The suspect quickly turned and blindsided the officer, continuing to punch her while she was down
“I could never take my brother’s place here at Oklahoma Christian. But if I can make an impact on just a few of these kids’ lives, I can’t think of a better way to honor Jeremy’s memory”
Isaiah Lewis’ parents argued that he was experiencing a mental health crisis and that police used excessive force
“I am still getting better,” said officer Aurash Zarkeshan about his recovery from a traumatic brain injury