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Watch: Ohio trooper rescues cat from interstate traffic

The trooper delivered the cat to the Toledo Humane Society, where the cat was given the name “Trooper” and eventually adopted


Photo/Twitter via OSHP_NWOhio

By Robert Higgs

TOLEDO, Ohio — The story of a cat recently found along an interstate highway near Toledo has all the makings of a “Hallmark” classic.

A lost animal huddled along the roadside. A rescue and then shelter. Finally, a happy ending with an adoption in a new forever home.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper recently responded to a call about a black cat on Interstate 475 in Lucas County, the patrol posted on Twitter. The terrified animal had gotten onto the highway side of some concrete dividers and was cowering against the barriers just off the roadway.

But this black cat had good luck. Video posted by the patrol shows the rescue as it happened.

Thomas pulled on some gloves to protect her hands and then approached the animal, calling it to try and keep it calm.

Instead, the animal bolted.

It darted under her cruiser and hid in a wheel well.

Thomas and a passerby who stopped to help managed to pull the cat from where it was hiding atop a tire. This despite the terrified animal’s protestations and resistance.

They wrapped the animal up and placed it in the cruiser.

Video from the cruiser showed that even out of danger, the cat was still scared as it yowled from the back seat.

Thomas ultimately delivered the cat to the Toledo Humane Society, where it picked up the name Trooper.

The Highway Patrol reports that Trooper later was adopted, finding a “forever home” with a local family.

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