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“Our officers are working shoulder to shoulder with the residents, the community leaders and business owners down here on the South Side,” the sergeant in charge of the patrol unit said
“Agencies putting more efforts into relationships with the community are going to see positive things, like improvements in the clearance rates,” a criminal justice expert said
The suspect fled the original scene of the incident after dropping a handgun in his backseat and attempting to reach for it
One oversight board member fears that changing department structure may cause officers to “jump ship,” leaving the force with even fewer officers
“It’s a testament to the great work our law enforcement partners have done in thwarting what was obviously, to me and to us, a direct threat to the students of University Prep,” Chief Larry Scirotto said
The street crime unit will conduct community engagement, but also focus on enforcement and consequences for violent criminals
Detectives Sean Stumpf and Mike Slatcoff were honored for their actions during a manhunt for the fugitive who killed Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire
“We did give him every opportunity to surrender,” Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Chief Larry Scirotto said
According to the study, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has an “exceptional” response time of under 16 minutes and its staffing is “excessively high”
“We’re duct-taping and bubble-gumming things together,” public safety director Lee Schmidt said
Acting Chief Larry Scirotto will use an earlier staffing study to assess and possibly reallocate resources to impact OT and staffing shortages
Larry Scirotto said one of the first areas he’ll focus on is restructuring and reorganizing the command staff and rank-and-file officers
Funding for the Inside-Out training program will cover costs for one year
Pittsburgh police will work with the ROOTS team to provide assistance for those experiencing substance abuse issues, mental illness and homelessness
“I’m just going to assume we’re going to lose the same number [of officers] next year, which will put us at 725,” a councilmember said
This is the 26th case the dive teams have been able to help law enforcement solve
Officials said the flames broke out around 2:30 a.m. and the vehicles were fully engulfed when fire crews arrived
Police said as many as 50 rounds were fired inside a home filled with underage partygoers
The bill would prohibit police from making stops for things such as a broken tail light, the location of a registration plate or an out-of-date inspection certification
$52,000 will be spent to pay retired homicide detectives to consult on cold cases
Officers who participate in the program meet monthly with high schoolers to talk about experiences kids have had with police, discuss stereotypes and reverse-roleplay each other’s roles
The dashboard uses EMS data to map monthly calls and responses
Police are searching for a suspect vehicle and say it’s too soon to tell if the incidents are related
City leaders said they will need to make the cuts by July 1, 2021 if more federal pandemic relief is not received
Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has said the software should still be used to investigate felony cases
The technology would activate a body camera as soon as an officer pulls a weapon