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Retiring NYPD chief: Crime will ‘plummet’ if judges can impose bail on repeat offenders

Chief Kenneth Corey says the current state of NYC’s bail reform is one reason repeat offenders continue to increase crime statistics across the city



By Sarah Calams

NEW YORK — After 34 years of service, Kenneth Corey has one more message for the city before he retires as NYPD’s Chief of Department: Crime in New York City will drop if judges can impose bail for repeat offenders.

In an interview with NBC New York, Corey said the change won’t bring down crime gradually – it will “plummet.”

“That little tweak – to allow judges to weigh the dangerousness of an offender to the community before deciding to release them – crime will plummet,” he says.

The current state of NYC’s bail reform, he says, is one reason why repeat offenders continue to increase crime statistics across the city. “The only real consequence they’re going to face for their actions is to spend a couple of hours in a police station,” Corey said.

At NYPD’s 19th precinct, 43 alleged repeat offenders are accused of committing 458 crimes in the area, but they’re also responsible for committing 1,080 crimes in all five boroughs, according to the report.

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