Actor, comedian Rob Schneider thanks Ariz. cops after his car breaks down

Officer Paul Lee quickly recognized Schneider and said the actor was very appreciative of their help

By Suzie Ziegler 

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A Hollywood actor and comedian thanked “Scottsdale’s finest” for coming to his rescue last week. 

Rob Schneider, a performer known for his work on Saturday Night Live and starring in films alongside Adam Sandler, was driving through town when his car broke down, according to FOX 10. Schneider called 911 and was assisted by the local police department. 

Officer Paul Lee said he quickly recognized the actor. 

"I said, ‘Wait a second. That is Mr. Schneider, as in the Rob Schneider?’ And he gave me the nod and that is how we broke the ice on that," Lee said. 

Schneider, who lives in Arizona, was grateful for the help. 

"Officer Lee was hanging there and knew some of my movies, so we were going over some of them, and he said, ‘You will be fine,’" Schneider told FOX 10. “They couldn't have been nicer. Like I said, I love Scottsdale. It is our home.” 

The comedian posted a photo on Twitter thanking the officers: “A huge THANK YOU to Scottsdale’s Finest for all your help today when my car broke down! Thanks, Officer Lee! YOU CAN DO IT!!” 

Likewise, Lee looked back positively on the encounter. 

“It was a nice interaction,” Lee said. “He was very appreciative. I would have treated any other disabled car the same way. It just happens to be that was Mr. Schneider."

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