Watch: LEOs rescue man after crashed car bursts into flames

The driver’s legs caught fire during the incident, but officers were able to pat the fire out and get him to safety

By Amanda Spence

CINCINNATI, Ohio — A man owes his life to a couple of officers who saved him after a car crash erupted into flames.

According to WFLA, the crash occurred after the driver had crossed lanes of traffic on I-75, smashing into a concrete wall near an exit, causing the vehicle to catch on fire. Body cam footage showed an officer approaching the vehicle and asking if anybody was in the car.

Bystanders told the officer someone was inside and the police officer then ran toward the car.

Two officers helped pull the man from the wreckage as the man’s legs caught on fire. The officers were able to pat the fire out.

According to the police department, the vehicle was then completely engulfed in flames in less than a minute after the man was saved.

“The driver survived thanks to the quick actions of some Good Samaritans who called 911 and stopped to help,” the Cincinnati Police Department said in a statement. “Officers Sharma and Myers were the first on scene and helped pull the driver from the burning car.”

The victim didn’t have a valid driver’s license. He was also seriously hurt and charged with reckless driving.

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