'Chief, you look like an idiot': PD's TikTok 'attempt' goes viral

An impressive performance by a police chief and his tech-savvy sidekick aims to show a lighter side of policing

By Suzie Ziegler 

ANNISTON, Ala. — It’s a well-documented stereotype that older – ahem, seasoned – individuals sometimes struggle with technology. One police department in Alabama decided to have a little fun with that.  

A video posted to the Anniston PD’s new TikTok page shows Chief Nick Bowles quarreling with a younger (and more tech-savvy) officer. In the clip, Bowles explains he’s starting a TikTok page for the department. But his attempts are filled with gaffes, such as awkward camera placement and a reference to “The TikTok.” The antics frustrate Officer Jacob Ford, who can’t help but to correct his police chief. 

The TikTok? You don’t say that. It’s just TikTok,” Ford says. 

“It’s the internet. I was around when the internet was invented, you weren’t there,” Bowles responds. 

In another clip, Bowles tries again with a sunglasses filter. 

“Chief, you look like an idiot,” Ford says. 

Frustrated, Bowles gives up and tells Ford to finish the video. Ford, of course, gives a smooth delivery to the camera, explaining that officers will use the TikTok page as a community outreach tool. 

Ford tells FOX News that the video was Bowles’ idea and all in jest. 

"His idea was, ‘Hey, I'm going to play that boomer guy who doesn’t really know what to do with the phone,’" Ford said. "He was like, ‘I just want you to correct me constantly.’" 

Bowles says he wanted the video to be relatable and show a lighter side to policing. 

"Everybody’s got that parent or child, that relationship that, you know, you need to be corrected on all these new internet things that are coming out," Bowles told FOX News. “We wanted to show everybody in the community, especially younger folks, that we’re humans just like everybody else and we have a sense of humor." 

The video has since been viewed 364,000 times as of this writing.

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