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From enabling applicants to sign up on the spot to prioritizing officer wellness, Oregon’s largest police agency has reinvigorated its recruitment strategy
This brings the Bureau’s number of sworn officers to 806 — down from 881 last year, but up from its record low of 773 in September 2022
The $100,000 grant is expected to allow Portland police to more than double the number of enforcement missions they undertake
The revised policy now permits police, weighing public safety and traffic conditions, to pursue suspects fleeing in vehicles during stings, unlike the previous restrictions
Of those surveyed, 74% worry they will become crime victims, 90% are dissatisfied with the state of public safety and 71% said the city needs more officers
The Portland Police Department was one of the last major U.S. police agencies without the technology, which will be implemented next summer
City leaders now must discuss the proposal with the DOJ and U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon, who oversees the city’s federally mandated police reforms
Robert “Bob” Day joined the Police Bureau as a patrol officer in April 1990 and climbed the ranks until being appointed former Chief Outlaw’s deputy chief
People with small amounts of methamphetamine, heroin and LSD are subject to non-criminal violations and given the choice to call a statewide hotline or pay a $100 fine
Twenty-two officers have been moved into the traffic patrol division for one month to focus on impaired drivers and the deadliest city streets
The move ends Portland’s status of being the largest municipal police agency in the nation without body-worn cameras
The selection of a civilian head of training is one of the steps the Police Bureau agreed to take to comply with the city’s settlement with the DOJ
The school’s president cited rising dangers, weapon sightings and a lack of support from Portland police around campus as reasons for the reversal
Gov. Tina Kotek is also asking for nearly $7 million to clear the LE training backlog that has prevented new LEOs from being deployed
Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the patrols in response to a large number of overdoses around the abandoned building
Joffre Zelinski reportedly laughed “maniacally” as he chased a pedestrian and shouted, “I literally stole this”
In December, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said a lax approach from prosecutors could lead to store closures
At question is officers being directed to write a statement about what happened before reviewing video footage and writing a supplemental report after
Portland remains the only city of the 75 largest municipal police agencies in the nation without body cameras
Suspect struck in head with butt of shotgun while reaching for what was later determined to be a replica gun
The city’s response to the problems on Milton Street showcases potential solutions to entrenched public-safety problems in Portland
The conversation started in the wake of a third shooting outside a school in the last two months
DNA from a bullet casing recovered from a homicide scene matched a DNA profile that had been mistakenly entered into the database
PD must abide by a 14-month injunction that requires LEOs to restrict their use of tear gas, less-lethal munitions, pepper spray and long-range acoustic devices
Even more say they don’t feel safe walking around downtown Portland at night
“They’re going after the people who have guns, who are shooting other people,” Police Chief Chuck Lovell said
This was the first civil trial from the Portland 2020 protests to reach a jury, with more than 50 similar lawsuits pending against the city