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Report Writing

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Do you have a leader within your department that’s capable of turning your team into an elite unit? Try looking in the mirror
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A study of Dutch police officers found that the officers who were able to watch their BWC footage of a training exercise wrote more accurate and complete reports
Common errors that will get your report rejected by your supervisor or the courts
Mislabeling people in police reports is a problem. Follow these steps to prevent errors
There are two things to pay attention to while using any grammar and spell checker: security and retrievability
Knowingly filing a false report could lead to termination and criminal charges, as well as an innocent person being wrongfully arrested, convicted and imprisoned
Such reporting would show how often officers face resistance and the lengths they go through to avoid using force
Agencies can improve accuracy and efficiency while promoting transparent policing
Remember to follow three simple principles: preparation, organization and clarity
It doesn’t matter if it is a witness, suspect, or business owner
Redundant question and answer phrases can cause confusion and make your reader (usually the charging attorney) lose interest in your case
The trial is a good reminder of the three things police forget about investigations
Quit “proceeded to the vicinity of” and just say where the hell you went
How to mitigate the legitimate risks of viewing video evidence, including the risk of corrupting an officer’s memory
Don’t assume you can just show up to trial and wing it
The last thing a reader wants in a police report is a surprise
Police officers can’t risk getting caught up in either politics or misguided social experiments
Critics worry the measure would inspire selective report writing, while police unions argued the change would create more accurate reports
At least five agencies sent up to 325 federal officers a day to Portland from June through Sept. 30, 2020
Why words matter when we describe the incident
Why well-documented descriptions of what each witness said needs to be in your police report
If your passive voice sentence does not fall into any of these eight tactics, change your sentence to active
One tip to improve your report writing that will help reduce case turndowns and liability
Artificial intelligence is changing the way police write reports
Why you should keep it simple
Tactics keep you alive, but report writing keeps you out of trouble