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The 400-pound robot was meant to be a deterrent to subway crime; two human officers had to guard it at all times to keep it from being vandalized
After a two hour standoff, the robot dog helped LAPD confirm that the man, who was carrying a gun, was asleep on the bus
The robot, which is leased to the NYPD, will be accompanied by uniformed officers who are trained on how to use K5
Proponents say the robot will save lives by sending it into dangerous scenarios such as barricades or standoffs, or in situations that might involve explosives
Opposition has grown, with many critics pointing to problems the NYPD had with their robot dog
The PD says the robot will be limited to SWAT use such as active shooter incidents, barricades and suspicious devices
Police officials dismissed public comparisons to sci-fi dystopian films and TV shows
Officers used the 70-pound ‘Digidog’ to help search an apartment
‘Spot’ served as a remote observation device to provide images of potentially dangerous suspects or devices
The use of robotics in police work requires an integration of policy, infrastructure and common sense