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The importance of simulator technology for police training
High-tech simulators allow for the interleaving of skills while providing stress inoculation
Garden City PD in Georgia chose VirTra so officers could build decision-making skills and marksmanship without worrying about scheduling
“In the true spirit of Christmas, we hope this gift will keep this community and its great officers safer than they are today through realistic training.”
The NCS’s objective is to honor, recognize, and protect the legacy of individuals who have significantly contributed to advancements in modeling and simulation
The V-XR offers three modes: Educate, experience and engage; each mode delivers transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training
The funds will purchase a training simulator that features immersive instructional scenarios focused on de-escalation, autism awareness and communication tactics
Officials said the center’s 300-degree, five-screen VirTra training simulator, which has around 300 scenarios, is the first of its kind in Oklahoma
The “Decision Points” police simulator uses real bodycam footage to show how officers make critical decisions
Officers who use simulation training programs are more confident, use less force
Reality-based scenarios can help improve communication techniques to reduce use of force in calls involving people in emotional distress