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Street Survival by Dan Marcou

In recognition of the release of “Street Survival II: Tactics for Deadly Encounters,” co-author and Police1 columnist Dan Marcou is writing a series of articles on street survival in which he shares the tactics acquired during a career dedicated not only to ensuring his own personal survival but assisting other officers in their quest to survive as well. Key articles outline how cops can develop a stealth approach, 25 tips for surviving the ‘routine’ vehicle contact and how to survive physical and mental challenges in policing.

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This book was written to inoculate the reader against the deadly cop killer known as complacency
If you ever need this skill, the pressure of the moment will be unfathomable, so practice this movement until you can perform it smoothly
Active shooters go through many stages of preparation that afford the opportunity for their plans to be thwarted by both law enforcement and the community
When you hit the lights and pull over what can only be described as a heavily fortified defensive position on wheels, don’t just approach blind
Insights from a police suicide survivor may help officers endure the inevitable “thousand cuts” experienced during a lifelong career in law enforcement
All officers must ask themselves if they can take the life of another if that dire decision is thrust upon them by fate or circumstance
Edged-weapon assaults are unpredictable, dynamic and deadly dangerous
To survive their police career, officers should strengthen every point of the survival triangle
Fight complacency caused by the “routine” by establishing a “tactical routine” oriented toward personal survival
The stealth approach can turn you into one who surprises rather than one who is surprised
As a police officer, you can’t protect anyone else unless you are able to protect yourself