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Tactical Armor

The gigantic exhibit hall showcases products and technology aimed to improve officer efficiency and safety
Consider these tips to update tactical team training and procedures for barricaded suspects and hostage rescue operations in your jurisdiction
Made of Duritium, these plates offer the stopping power needed in modern law enforcement minus the weight
The push for lighter vests was “born out of tragedy” following the death of Queens Detective Brian Simonsen in 2019
BlueStone Safety’s vests offer a discreet alternative to traditional uniform tops by offering a professional look coupled with the ability to increase officer safety and lessen the load typically meted out by heavy duty belts
This all-natural odor eliminator is safe for body armor and around kids, pets and K-9s
Stay within your department’s budget while still protecting your officers
The officer flipped over a fence running from the fox; his gun went off as he landed, striking his vest