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Task Force

Your expertise will be of significant value to the group, but sometimes letting others add to the conversation gains credibility in the long run
Multi-agency collaboration aids in thwarting violent criminal activity in central S.C.
When we’re working as part of a multidisciplinary task force with members who are not law enforcement officers we must be prepared to adapt some of our leadership traits
San Francisco Police Department leaders and city officials expect to launch the task force in the spring of 2024 to investigate opioid deaths and illicit drug operations as potential homicide cases
The NYPD began an information exchange program with N.J. agencies, allowing law enforcement to share information about car thefts across state lines
San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow said that instead of impounding the vehicles, they are being held as evidence
The COPS Office and NPI held meetings with law enforcement leaders and civil rights organizations to aid in the research process
“I think we’re definitely moving in the right direction,” Assistant Chief Joseph Gulotta said. “If you take a look at what our office is doing here on Staten Island, our arrests are outpacing our crime increase by a lot”
Mayor Eric Adams intends to create a new task force led by the city’s newly-instated director of the office of nightlife rather than the NYPD
The investigation resulted in the indictments of 20 people in an L.A. County-based crime ring allegedly responsible for over 30 residential burglaries, with more than $500,000 in losses
“Stealing is not OK. These people just go out and steal, not because they’re in need, because they can and they won’t get in trouble,” Sheriff Jim Cooper said
The ring was responsible for nearly 500 catalytic converter thefts, as well as thefts of jewelry stores and ATMs
“The State Police will meet this moment with a robust strategy and sustained commitment to confronting bias and intolerance,” Col. John Mawn Jr. said
“If anyone thinks that they can get away with spreading hate and harming other New Yorkers and violating the law, you will be caught,” the governor said
Officer Billy Clardy III was 48 years old when he was shot and killed in December 2019 during an undercover drug operation
When the officers announced their arrival, they immediately came under fire
“Operation Trident” targeted violent offenders, who were on supervised release or probation, with outstanding warrants
“We will not only focus on individuals responsible for the thefts, but also those in getaway cars and those selling the stolen items,” Sheriff Luna said
Strategies include increasing and reallocating state police staff to local drug enforcement teams and intercepting fentanyl using drug dogs and detectives
California’s Regional Auto Theft Task Force has recovered more than $3.3 million in stolen vehicles and dismantled auto theft crime rings throughout San Diego
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass called the recent string of hits on high-end stores a “trend” that “needs to be quickly addressed”
“In my 34 years in the LAPD, I have never seen this type of criminal behavior,” Capt. Jonathan Tippet said
A new task force will focus solely on assessing threats to the school districts
The task force will work to ensure any officer who dies of COVID-19 in the line of duty is included on the memorial wall
Federally deputized officers will now be permitted to wear cameras during arrest operations and search warrant executions
In the past week, the team has arrested 28 gang members and associates and seized 21 guns
Police will no longer partner with task forces because the federal agencies won’t allow LEOs to wear body cameras
During the raid on cocaine and meth rings, investigators in Denver seized four kilos of heroin, more than one kilo of cocaine, $47K cash, five handguns, two rifles and a car
Records show that thieves stole more than 2,100 bikes last year worth more than $1 million