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Police Recruitment
There are 52 recruits in the current academy class, making it one of the largest classes in recent years
“[University Circle Police Department officers] are no longer just guests in our building. They’re part of our family,” Principal Melanie Nakonachny said
After a panel discussion on criminal justice, sports and pursuing dreams, students were given the opportunity to talk with officers in small groups
Officer Victor Claudio had served the Cleveland Police Department for 23 years and was awarded a distinguished service medal in 2014
Under the program is paired up with a Cleveland police officer who is trained in crisis intervention
“We’re looking for folks to interact with the public on quality-of-life issues,” Public Safety Chief Karrie Howard told council members
High crime and low staffing drove the city to accept 12-hour shifts when they had previously rejected them over safety concerns
The judge fined Willie Warner Sims and his partner, Alfonzo Cole, $40,000 and ordered the former officers to repay the one victim they robbed together $5,000
The settlement also allowed former Bedford Heights Officer Ryan Kaetzel the opportunity to buy K-9 Bosco
Alfonzo Cole and his partner, Willie Warner-Sims, pleaded guilty last month to four counts of robbery and theft in office, both third-degree felonies
Cadets will receive a pay bump from $16 to $24 an hour; the city will also offer incentives to cadets who either graduated from college or served in the military
“There are going to be scary times for the city,” said the union president about the continual decline of staffing
Karl Racine is the third consent decree monitor since the city and DOJ started the process in 2015
The criticism comes as the agencies are set to take on more responsibilities, including the final decision-maker on discipline
The Community Police Commission can dole out discipline to officers, a role once held by the police chief and safety director
Tourniquet training credited with saving the life of the wounded officer
Police arrested Anthony Novak in 2016 after he created a fake police Facebook page that closely mirrored the look of Parma PD’s official page
“If we were to speak the way he did in a public forum we’d be looking at discipline or termination.”
The benefits are separate from another recently discussed proposal to use ARPA money to provide Cleveland officers with $3,000 retention bonuses
Witness-relocation efforts have previously relied on homicide detectives pulling cash out of their own pockets and pooling together funds
The new policy details de-escalation steps officers must take and “professionalism” they are required to show when dealing with mass protests
There have been 83 homicides in the city through July 23; the unit has 18 officers, but should have 38
Jennifer Kilnapp accused city and police officials of lying about the circumstances surrounding the shooting
A new patrol initiative aims to tamp down on gun violence this summer
If the flag flies into traffic and causes a crash, the state could be held responsible, said officials with Ohio’s transportation department
Judges said the man failed to prove the officers acted maliciously when they investigated and charged him with fourth-degree felony disrupting public services