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10 years later, we continue to grieve, reflect on the power of resilience, and appreciate our first responders
Officers take to the ice to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Westport Police Athletic League skating rink
Thieves stole pallets of beer using forklifts, recruiting others into the scheme via social media, according to a West Haven Police Department warrant
Detective Michael Harton, who is also trained as an EMT, performed life-saving measures on baby “Tooka” when she stopped breathing; he has maintained a relationship with her family ever since
Trooper Brian North testified that he shot Mubarak Soulemane, who was holding a knife and refusing to exit a vehicle, because he feared other officers’ lives were in danger
Dash camera video supplied by the driver appears to show the Meriden Police Officer get out of his car, threaten the driver with a ticket and hit him in the face
The man held a knife in each hand as officers and his father tried to persuade him to surrender; he became agitated and moved one knife when an officer prepared to deploy a TASER
“I’m pleased that we now have more troopers today than when I came into office — a few more, to be blunt. We have another class [of trainees] coming in. We need more troopers. We need more police,” Gov. Ned Lamont said
Windsor Locks Police swabbed a straw found in a cup at the scene and took it to the Rapid DNA Lab; officers were able to track down the suspect, who had stolen about 52 pounds of copper wiring
Connecticut police departments are also monitoring social media, creating a flow of information between departments and working with the FBI to prevent street takeovers
An independent review was conducted after a 2018 report claimed more than 100 troopers had falsified racial profiling data; the review found most “falsified” records were unintentional errors
Oscar Diaz was one of five officers fired after Randy Cox was paralyzed while being transported to a police station
After multiple attempts to subdue the man with a TASER, the officer shot him when he drew a gun from his pant leg; the suspect had been driving a car implicated in a recent robbery
The recruits performed lifesaving procedures, alerted academy staff, called 911, notified the recruit’s family and helped to provide a police escort to the hospital
K-9 Broko was killed when he was deployed to stop the armed suspect from escaping
“K-9 Broko heroically served with unwavering dedication, saving lives by locating missing individuals, apprehending dangerous suspects, and providing a steadfast shield to his handler,” state police said
The money will support four K-9s and their handlers, with a possible new addition to the team in the future
Video shows the crowd surrounding the officer, ramming him with a shopping cart and shooting fireworks at his cruiser
The footage shows officers give the suspect an opportunity to put on a pair of pants before he suddenly reaches under a mattress and grabs a firearm
“Sgt. Ashley Harkins swiftly and skillfully climbed over the safety fence, putting herself in a perilous position on the narrow ledge above the chilly, flowing river,” State Police wrote in a statement
The ring was responsible for nearly 500 catalytic converter thefts, as well as thefts of jewelry stores and ATMs
The officer pulled over a man who was wanted on suspicion of brandishing a weapon at a car dealership
After a conversation about depression and “feeling trapped,” the woman drove to the police station with a gun belonging to her boyfriend, a retired NYPD officer
Officers responded and tried to negotiate with the woman, but she fired more shots toward them, which was stopped by bullet-resistant glass
Officer Alec Iurato was given the Courage in Service award after shooting the gunman who shot him and killed two other officers in an ambush
Officer Robert “Bobby” Garten was killed when the suspect, Richard Barrington, crashed into his cruiser while fleeing a separate traffic stop
Hartford Police Officer Bobby Garten was killed when a driver fleeing from a traffic stop ran a red light and crashed into the side of the cruiser he was in
Although an officer adheres to procedure by securing their guns in the cruiser, grinders and “pneumatic hydraulic type tools” can bypass locks, a former detective said