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Continuing Education
By specializing in a particular area, you can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and issues faced and become a valuable asset to your organization
An up-close look at CA POST Command College and the University of San Diego’s Master of Science degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership
With an assist from the star QB, Lexipol will offer an expanded video version of the landmark CYCLE course
“The new academy will support the highest level of instruction for cadets, troopers, and our law enforcement partners,” State Police Commissioner Col. Christopher Paris said
Experts say movements meant to show reverence and gratitude can also factor into a concept called “meta-dehumanization”
“It boils down to knowing how to read and being confident in yourself,” Officer Levi Leyba said
Continuing Education
University of Cincinnati Online’s programs in criminal justice can advance your career more affordably than before
Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman insisted his department doesn’t practice racial profiling after being criticized by Delaware State students and administrators last year
Continuing Education
From traditional roles in law enforcement to breakthrough positions in politics, faculty from USC Bovard College share the top criminal justice career paths
A simple policy shop for police has grown into a comprehensive suite of operational and wellness solutions for first responders