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Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jeffrey Stagg, 67, a beat cop, hostage-crisis negotiator and “Taps” bugler, began his policing career in 1977 after serving in the Air Force
IMPD is using bodycam videos not only to increase police transparency but also build support for officers
The patrol vehicles in Georgetown, Indiana are looking good in their new blue line decals
Officers pursued the suspects and deployed a grappler device before the shooting ensued
IMPD Chief Randal Taylor voiced his frustrations after the suspect was released on a $4,500 instead of a $45,000 bond
After the suspect allegedly stabbed K-9 Ringo three times, the suspect was shot at least once by an officer but still refused to surrender
The deputies were let go “involving job performance on July 10, 2023,” when an inmate used handcuffs to strangle Deputy John Durm, the sheriff’s office said
The death penalty filing cites four aggravating circumstances, including that Deputy Durm was killed while performing “his duty as a law enforcement officer”
Trooper Aaron Smith tried to deploy stop sticks to terminate the pursuit when he was struck by the suspect’s vehicle
The man charged with killing Officer Breann Leath is seeking an insanity defense as he tries to avoid the death penalty
Watch the video to see how he faired and if he should stick to his day job