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Employee wellness programs can be key to reducing stress-related incidents, on-duty injuries and medical retirements, as well as preventing officer suicides
Officers pose for a group photo while working the night shift in downtown Garden City, Kansas
Cheyenne County, Kansas covers over 1,000 square miles and is served by four deputies
Three people were detained by police, including 2 juveniles
Supporters of the tougher penalties argue that the animals are vital to protecting the public and are like family both to the officers who work with them and their relatives
A hospital spokesperson said 11 children were among those who were injured; police said two people have been detained
Kansas Highway Patrol K-9 Igor spent several days in the ICU after the incident and was able to return home and recover
“One homicide is too many. It’s something everyone in Kansas City should care about,” Police Chief Stacey Graves said
“Bane did a wonderful job working for us. I cannot explain enough how much Bane did for this community,” said Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter
“We’re really trying to get [other departments] to try to adopt that model of responding to these overdoses, taking them seriously and starting the investigation from that night,” Chief Karl Oakman said
The injunction bans a technique wherein troopers would step away from the car, ending the official stop, and then immediately return to ask more questions on a “voluntary” basis