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New Ariz. law prevents HOAs from banning thin blue line flags

The law protects flags that support first responders, regardless of HOA regulations

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By Suzie Ziegler

PHOENIX — A new Arizona law will allow homeowners to fly flags that support police and other first responders – even if their HOA has rules against flying such flags, 12 News reported. Gov. Doug Ducey signed HB2010 into law on Monday.

State Rep. John Kavanagh says he was inspired to write the bill after a homeowner told him their HOA wouldn’t let them fly a flag supporting first responders.

“A lot of people want to express their appreciation to these first responders by flying the flag, but a small number of HOA’s prohibit it,” Kavanagh told 12 News. “This bill states they can’t do that. People have a First Amendment right to honor our heroes.”

The law bans HOA regulations on flags that honor the country, military, first responders and law enforcement, according to the report. The Arizona law comes as some HOA members in other states say they’ve been told to remove thin blue line flags, including the father of a slain officer in Ohio.

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