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The Willard Police Department offers a template for community outreach and engagement
The Jasper Police Department, having requested nearly $51,000, agreed to redirect all but $6,000 to help Sarcoxie PD buy a new car and meet other departments’ needs
The chatter from the radio traffic was nonstop as dispatchers and commanders managed ambulances, medical resources and officers for traffic and crowd control
“So then I hear, ‘Get him!’ and I look to my left, and it wasn’t but a second and a half, maybe two seconds,” Trey Filter said. “And somebody was running past me, and they’re yelling, ‘Get him!’ So I jumped”
Three people were detained by police, including 2 juveniles
A hospital spokesperson said 11 children were among those who were injured; police said two people have been detained
“You guys have neglected your streets, you’ve neglected your police department and have neglected the families of those police officers”
“Because of what I now know, I have no further desire to be associated with the New Haven Police Department in any capacity,” former New Haven Police Chief John Hallquist said
The Fair Grove Police Department now has one fully trained officer and two officers still in field training following resignations from two other officers and the police chief