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New Jersey

Law enforcement officers in New Jersey no longer need to fear archaic laws
Thirty-seven Port Authority Police officers and K-9 Sirius died during the attacks on the World Trade Center; Lt. David Lim was one of 14 who survived the collapse of the North Tower in stairwell B
The “sensitive locations” effort stems from the Bruen Supreme Court decision
The officers say personal information about where they live and family information fell into the hands of criminals who used data brokers to access the information
Using Truleo for body camera analysis, the Paterson, N.J. Police Department saw a 3x increase in the use of highly professional language by officers and a 50% reduction in unprofessional officer language from 2022 to 2023
The NYPD began an information exchange program with N.J. agencies, allowing law enforcement to share information about car thefts across state lines
Sergeant Michael Kurinzi was a United States Marine Corps veteran and had served with the Elizabeth Police Department for 20 years
Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik was described as “an exemplary law enforcement leader”
“We did have another jurisdiction ... actually sent their K-9 and they were there pretty quickly in just a few minutes,” Officer Michael Slininger said. “But by the time the K-9 arrived, [the drone team] had already located the juvenile”
Mental Health
“In times of need, we want to do everything we can to protect those in crisis and get them timely help and health,” Gov. Phil Murphy said
“As the chief I am very proud of my officers for taking this call to action with using their training and teamwork to help bring a beautiful little girl, Millie, into this world,” Sparta Police Chief Jeffery McCarrick said