La. officer, suspect shot in gunfire exchange

An officer was shot during the search for a suspect in an apartment late Thursday

By Police1 Staff

LAFAYETTE, La. — An officer was shot during the search for a suspect in an apartment late Thursday.

According to The Advertiser, police were searching for a suspect in a prior shooting when the incident occurred. After police were given permission to search the apartment of a person who reportedly had information on the location of 23-year-old Chase Chaisson, an officer ran into Chaisson in a rear room.

Chaise Chaisson. (Lafayette Police Department Image)
Chaise Chaisson. (Lafayette Police Department Image)

Chaisson and the officer opened fire. Both were hit.

The suspect then jumped out of a window and fled while the officer moved to a safe location.

The officer was transported to a local hospital and is listed as stable.

Police later found Chaisson at a truck stop. He attempted to flee in a vehicle, which was stopped after a pursuit. Both the driver and Chaisson were detained.

According to KATC, Chaisson forced his way into the driver’s vehicle and ordered the driver to operate it. The driver was released after being questioned.

Chaisson is currently in recovery at a hospital and will be charged upon release. The resident of the apartment, 21-year-old Patricka Ledet, was arrested and charged with principal to attempted first degree murder and obstruction of justice, according to the report.

The name of the officer has not been released. He is a three-and-a-half year veteran of the Lafayette Police Department. 

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