Tampa PD: We are not refusing to work Beyonce concert

The agency took to Twitter to refute claims that officers were not signing up to work security at the event

By Police1 Staff

TAMPA, Fla. — Contrary to media reports, police officers in Tampa are not refusing to work an upcoming Beyonce concert in protest of her recent music video and Super Bowl halftime performance.

The agency took to Twitter to refute claims that officers were not signing up to work security at the event. 

Tampa Police Benevolent Association President Vinny Gercitano, who has called for cops across the nation to boycott the purchase of Beyonce’s music and tickets to her performances, also addressed the reports of cops refusing to work the show in a Facebook post.

Gercitano wrote that although police are “disgusted” by Beyonce’s new video and Super Bowl performance, he is confident that officers “will police Beyonce’s [April 29th] concert with courtesy, professionalism, and respect as they do daily for the citizens of Tampa.” 

“The PBA does not support any artist who spreads an anti-police message,” he wrote.

The singer’s "Formation" video and subsequent performance of the track during the Super Bowl drew harsh criticism.  The video features the singer atop a sinking New Orleans police cruiser and a black child in front of officers with his hands raised. The Super Bowl performance was said to have paid homage to the Black Panther Party.

While Gercitano did not specifically call for cops to refuse to work the show, he supports any officer who chooses not to work the concert, The Tampa Tribune reported

“The bottom line — the event will be staffed with police officers,” he wrote on Facebook. “It is unfortunate that this has been taken to the level that it has.”



The Miami Fraternal Order of Police released a statement last week announcing their boycott of the artist and asked others to join in. Dallas released a statement saying they will not join the boycott.

The concert is expected to be sold out.

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