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Police Exams

The Police Exams topic provides officers with the information they need for upcoming tests, from tips for acing your oral exam to answers for common questions about pre-employ psych testing.

Too many officers start out in top condition but allow their physical fitness to diminish
Success or failure in the police assessment center can make or break your career — being prepared will help you ace the assessment
The public expects police to be professionals — police agencies should expect no less from the psychologists who evaluate their personnel
The lawsuit alleges that two different civil service exams the state has used since 2014 violate a civil rights law
Taking a police fitness test can be challenging — you must prepare yourself beforehand
High test marks on a paper and pencil test are a poor predictor of future work related success
Here’s what you need to know
Simply put, candidates leave valuable points on the table in the opening moments of the oral test because they fail to distinguish themselves from other qualified candidates
Find someone to coach you, it’s worth a few points on the exam and may mean the difference between getting promoted or not
It has now become rare not to incorporate some form of assessment center testing in the examination processes, especially for the higher police ranks
Continuing Education
Study after study indicates that the ability to communicate, especially oral communication as opposed to written communication, is absolutely critical