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SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor course earns National Certification Program seal of excellence

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Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), manufacturer of SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projectors (AIP) has been awarded the National Certification Program (NCP) seal of excellence presented by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST). After a thorough review of SABRE’s Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor Course, this NCP award deems the course “meets or exceeds any individual State certification requirements thus ensuring that IADLEST certified training will be accepted by all participating POST organizations in the Nation for training.”

“Our team works diligently to create exceptional products and training for law enforcement personnel around the world. We understand the importance standardization and continuing education for police can contribute to overall public safety, and we’re proud to have earned this new certification for our instructors’ course,” says David Nance, CEO, SABRE.

The SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor Course focuses on instructor development in the use and training of AIP tactics and is intended to help departments increase the safety of their officers, students, and subjects. The SABRE Aerosol Irritant Projector Instructor Course is now available to law enforcement and correctional officers nationwide.

“We are the market leader in law enforcement aerosol irritant projectors, and our team consistently seeks excellence in the products we develop and the courses we offer to help Make It Safe for the general public and committed law enforcement personnel around the world,” said Mike Patterson, Head of SABRE Law Enforcement Sales.

The leading personal safety brand with police and consumers worldwide, SABRE is a family-owned and operated business with more than 45 years of experience in the personal safety space with a long- standing reputation for providing reliable, easy-to-use personal safety solutions that help put more distance between the user and multiple threats. Only SABRE encourages users to Make It Safe so that they can live confidently with empowering personal safety products that they can trust. For more information, please visit