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SHOT Show 2018

The Police1 team hit the showroom floor at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas to scout out the latest in firearms and tactical gear on display at SHOT Show 2018.

Throwing a duty belt over your plainclothes is not always tactically sound; these products offer a more stealthy approach to carrying your gear
Whether it’s a single or two-stage trigger, upgrading this seemingly small feature on your rifle can make a huge difference in your shooting performance
The Advanced Response Patrol Officer Program provides patrol cops with enhanced training, gear and skills that will allow a more effective response to serious tactical situations
There are some critical actions that need to be taken before arriving on the scene to guarantee the greatest chance of success
This year’s SHOT Show featured some multi-purpose innovative gear offering great value for the money
Analysis of 97 worldwide active shooter incidents in 2017 identifies trends to consider as we prepare to counter the active shooter threat
I looked at three forend grips at SHOT Show 2018 that provide very different advantages when mounted to the rifle
SHOT Show 2018 Law Enforcement Education Program session outlined how true law enforcement leadership begins well before a call for service is received
At SHOT Show 2018, Sprint announced more partners and options for its suite of Connected Officer hardware, software and communications
Products from Estes AWS, Hornady and Zore X Core offer many options for securing firearms
Meggitt Training Systems showcased new offerings at SHOT Show 2018 that raise the bar (and stress level) for police firearms training
SHOT Show’s Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) provides a roadmap for police officer tactical training
Industry giant introduces market’s first leather tourniquet pouch for duty belts, new holsters for most popular light-bearing handguns
Sig Sauer’s P365 manages to stick 10 rounds in a not-quite-double-but-not-quite-single stack magazine that preserves the 1” width of the pistol
New products from Desantis, Galco, S&S Precision and UM Tactical are expanding the options for how cops carry their firearms
From firearms to tactical gear, the 40th installment of SHOT Show did not disappoint
Here are four guns that stood out from the crowd at this year’s SHOT Show
New products from NexTorch, QuiqLite, Streamlight and SureFire make for a bright future
Don’t just wear a vest, wear a vest that will save your life
It took over six miles of walking around the Sands Expo Center to come up with this custom Glock
The handgun trend that stood out is a renewed effort to make pocket-sized guns better
The 13th Annual Industry Day brought together over 200 exhibiting companies to show off their new wares
Do you don your armor even when it’s hot and muggy outside? How about when you’re running late?
Tactical knives are practical and versatile tools to have in the field. Here are eight highly-rated options, with product descriptions.
The 40th SHOT Show is a great opportunity for people to see some of the latest tech from every major firearms manufacturer
The LEEP program at SHOT Show offers specialized police training classes; here are some of our favorites from previous shows
Anyone who handles an agency firearm must be trained in how to secure it when it isn’t on their person