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The new products include pocketknives and gloves that are made especially for first responders
The lightweight kit features necessary medical components in a compact, rugged shell
The mounts feature a precision machined footprint for a Trijicon RMR reflex sight
The new Truckee Forends for The Remington 870 shotgun come in 7.5-inch, 9-inch and 10.5-inch lengths
The new app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, includes enhancements to the heads-up display, as well as new modes and features
Remote pilots can initiate Skydio X10 drone flights ready for launch by local agencies or take control of missions in progress from anywhere via web browser
The widow of one of the deputies said the ballistic shields could have saved her husband last year
Checking out Snakestaff Systems’ keychain-sized tourniquet, a better than ever Fisher Space Pen, the RIA 5.0 USA-made 9mm and Bryna’s shoulder-launched less lethal system
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Law enforcement asked for a simple, cost-effective optic that doesn’t sacrifice quality and we got it with the Aimpoint Duty RDS
The lightweight kit features necessary medical components in a compact, rugged shell
The Taker B52 is a retrofittable, front-mounted 2,000 lumen LED light for ballistic shields
Comfort, comfort, comfort … and safety, discreetness and high-quality audio
Braided fiber lines and a micro-speaker offer superior sound quality and allow the wearer to hear ambient noise as well as radio transmission for situational awareness
The most important quality for situational awareness and safety may not be what you think it is
Comfortable, efficient and duty-specific weighted fitness equipment for the tactical athlete
Tactical operators demand perfection, and the quality of communication can mean the difference between mission success and failure
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Secure vehicle storage is an investment that saves agencies money in the long run