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LEOs often fall into the trap of defining our end state by our tactics, rather than the outcome we actually seek; here’s why that’s a problem
An officer is shooting someone who’s bearing down on them, intent to kill, and their rounds have no effect. Are you ready for that situation?
Riots are inherently unpredictable, so it should be no surprise that there were some things that went well, and others that didn’t go quite as well
Law enforcement officials argue that deception is not coercion and taking away this tactic decreases their effectiveness in convicting people and solving cases
The woman, holed up under a mobile home with a six-shot revolver, had fired five rounds at a police robot. Deputies thought she still had one bullet left
Chiefs of the St. Louis and St. Louis County police have said in recent interviews they are reviewing training with the principles of tactical retreat in mind
The tactic is under renewed scrutiny, with some lawmakers and experts saying the decades-old theory no longer applies to a city with far less crime
Think of your voice and ability to project critical information as a vital piece of safety equipment
Any discussion about pedestrian stops is not complete until we review two major areas: ‘moving in” and ‘contact/cover”
Police Chief Tony DeGiusti has been working with other police agencies within the county to improve relationships and tone down egos