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Continuing Education
Higher education has many benefits for law enforcement – here’s how to realize them while you work
Graduate degree programs can help law enforcement professionals develop the critical-thinking skills required to navigate the complex realities of modern public safety
College students get to know law enforcement recruiters at a career fair in Maine
Officers took the shooter down shortly after the shots heard in the video were fired
“None of the individuals on the target list became a victim,” Sheriff Kevin McMahill said
Lessons learned from the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting helped authorities to work “seamlessly” in reacting to the UNLV attack, LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill said
“I will take every resource out of the academy … I will not allow another potential probationary police officer to be part of this academy,” a Bloomingdale PD official said
Chapel Hill Police arrested Tailei Qi without force in a residential neighborhood less than two hours later
Students and faculty at the flagship campus barricaded themselves in dorm rooms, offices and classrooms for hours until a lockdown was lifted
Many agencies have dropped degree requirements in recent years because of recruitment difficulties