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Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia gave a rousing speech at the opening general assembly of the IACP annual conference
Tackling both the concerns of the public and police officials, the article is an in-depth look at major issues facing today’s officers
We are targeted in restaurants, in our cars, while on foot patrol, when responding to calls for service, and while protecting large scale events — here are some thoughts on each kind of attack
“[The unit] enables officers to know what to look for, what to do, when they see their partner officer doing something that tarnishes our badge,” said Chief Eddie Garcia
During a pursuit, the suspect hit a curb and flipped the vehicle over; officers saw a woman cuffed in the back seat after launching a drone to get a closer look inside the vehicle
“I’m incredibly proud of officers Williams and Mazin, who faced evil and did not back down,” Chief Eddie Garcia said
Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia wrote in a memo that Officer Bacon’s death is “a heartbreaking loss for our DPD family” and asked others to “never hesitate to reach out”
“Everybody’s on the same set of tactics, same playing field and we’re not working off of each other trying to guess what each other’s doing,” one of the trainers said
Officer Caleb McCollum was given a five-day suspension during a disciplinary hearing; he has been on administrative leave since August 2022
City officials said the police website was affected as well as computer-assisted-dispatching that the fire department uses
The officer and K-9 were following a blood trail of a suspect wanted in the shootings of two other people