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Cannabis legalization is already happening, but federal action has been absent
Popular vote could legalize marijuana in nine more states
Jim and Doug examine issues related to the legal availability of pot in an increasing number of states
Police Recruitment
Some leaders are asking that the time frame recruits must abstain from marijuana use before being hired by a law enforcement agency be lowered from two years to six months
Measure 110, which was passed by voters in 2020, decriminalized possession of illicit substances if the amounts were small enough to be for personal use
“[Laws decriminalizing drug use are] having a negative impact on public safety. That’s the message I want to get out there,” El Cajon PD Chief Mike Moulton said
“We don’t believe a return to incarceration is the answer, but restoring a misdemeanor for possession with diversion opportunities is critically important,” said Jason Edmiston, chief of police in the city of Hermiston
The bill was named in honor of Deputy Darren Almendarez who was killed while trying to stop three men attempting to steal his vehicle’s catalytic converter
Recruits must still pass a drug test if selected for the academy and abstain from drug use while employed
A Q&A with Chief Joseph Sinagra about legal cannabis enforcement in New York state
In question is the protocol and use of specially trained officers known as Drug Recognition Experts, who perform marijuana sobriety tests
Officers must uphold the state’s prohibition of the drug while positioned between two states where it is legal
Gov. Pritzker says the legislation plan to legalize marijuana can help with freeing police to enforce more serious crimes
Chad Larner said that “a number of dogs would likely have to be euthanized” in the event that marijuana is legalized in Illinois
Cities are scrambling to block the possible effects of Proposition 64, which also allows cities to enact local bans on marijuana sales
The widow of a state trooper killed by a driver accused of smoking marijuana before the crash is making an emotional plea
Colorado youth were much more likely than kids in other states to use marijuana
Doug and Jim also discuss issues related to marijuana legalization and stop and frisk
As a result, dozens of cities seeking to preserve local control over pot have rushed to enact bans on marijuana growing
Support for legalization has grown in recent years
The pull of such post-police jobs extends well beyond Illinois, such as Washington state and Colorado, where marijuana is legal for everyone over 21
The sheriff said he will continue to arrest those in possession of a small amount of pot
The captain has asked for support from anyone who supports the legalization of marijuana
Officer trying to settle neighbors’ dispute has my vote for most innovative search warrant in 2015
Authorities have found a new way to possibly make arrests via social media
Lets police issue $100 civil citations or community service hours for possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana
The legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1 makes the state the fourth to do so