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Police Suicide

Why do some cops lose the will to live and what can we do to help them?
Grief and fear readily get transformed into anger when people are hurting
“We are now walking the path we need to walk for true suicide prevention.”
For you leaders out there: It’s imperative that valuing mental health is not just lip service
Here are the signs to look for
Researchers are working to improve the measurement of death by suicide of law enforcement officers in the United States
Officer Jeffrey Smith’s death resulted in a new law that extended eligibility for federal benefits to the families of officers who died by suicide
If passed, the bill would make victims’ families eligible for a $100,000 survivors benefit
Responders found the 22-year-old officer inside his home and rushed him to a hospital, where he died a short time later
Police union representatives believe heavy workloads, canceled days off, and an anti-police climate are contributing factors to officers’ mental health concerns
How a retired police commander is changing the narrative of mental health and healing