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Qualified Immunity

The Supreme Court isn’t as anxious to reinforce the doctrine of qualified immunity as some critics claim
The court decides whether to grant law enforcement officers qualified immunity for failure to render medical care following an overdose
A recent case takes a look at an alleged false arrest for the failure to produce identification during an investigation
A recent appellate case takes a look at the question: Can police require vehicle passenger identification?
The appellate court decides whether an officer’s entry into the curtilage of a home was unlawful in a recent case
The defendant officer was initially denied qualified immunity after fatally shooting a violent subject
The court determines whether to grant officers qualified immunity for allegations of excessive force
Police need to understand what law enforcement interests might outweigh the free speech protection of livestreaming – and under what circumstances
Split-second decisions are inevitable in the law enforcement profession but reacting in a way that deprives people of their constitutionally approved rights is not
The suspect, who was armed with a 13” knife, was stopped and shot by officers on his way to kill police officers at random
A recent case highlights the importance of “clearly established” law at the time of law enforcement-civilian interactions