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With antisemitism and hate crimes at the highest levels in decades, it is critical for law enforcement to train to recognize and investigate hate crimes
Common goals of equitable justice, public service and caring for the community make for a powerful partnership between cops and clergy
A recent online event shared best practices for law enforcement collaboration with faith-based communities to improve security
“The State Police will meet this moment with a robust strategy and sustained commitment to confronting bias and intolerance,” Col. John Mawn Jr. said
“If anyone thinks that they can get away with spreading hate and harming other New Yorkers and violating the law, you will be caught,” the governor said
The NYPD stated 69 antisemitic incidents were reported last month, up from 22 in Oct. 2022
“No matter how and where one prays, every Californian deserves to be safe,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said after approving millions in funding for additional policing
Trooper Jaret Doty realized he had something in common with the driver and her passenger
Worshippers and their pastor were credited with holding the gunman until police arrived
The two men were being held for questioning and have not yet been charged
The man was investigated by British authorities as a possible “terrorist threat” but the investigation was later closed