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Sex Trade

The measures law enforcement must take to apprehend the perpetrators of online sexual blackmail
A veteran cop who spent over 30 years policing Metropolitan Detroit writes about complex investigations into human trafficking enforcement, sting operations and homicide cases
The founder of Rescuing Hope talks about the organization’s mission to provide training and resources to identify the signs of sex trafficking
FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted the case in a speech at IACP 2023
Chief Dave Nisleit said the law makes it harder for officers to arrest people for human trafficking and rescue victims
The film also details how predators are using social media, online video games, websites and cellphone applications for luring, sextortion and trafficking
Roger Golubuski, who was an officer at the time, is accused of taking bribes to provide protection from law enforcement and of raping one woman
Predators pose as teens online to coerce young girls and boys into sharing nude photos or videos of themselves
The department announced Jason DiPrima’s decision after he was previously placed on administrative leave
Jason DiPrima was accused of agreeing to pay a prostitute, but the “high class prostitute” was an undercover detective
Since its inception, the Human Trafficking Squad has made a total of 360 arrests and eight rescues
The YouTubers provided video and transcripts that helped officers separately arrest two men on luring charges
A sting operation catches an internet predator and the court determines the admissibility of the evidence
“The arrests of a human trafficker and four child predators alone makes this whole operation worthwhile,” said Sheriff Grady Judd
Dr. Michael Shively from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation discusses the challenges of addressing human trafficking, sexual violence and other forms of victimization
Callyo provides technology that enables investigators to compile evidence more efficiently, communicate with victims and put traffickers behind bars
We must re-evaluate how law enforcement approaches serving search warrants involving child pornography
Authorities denounced the unrest as vigilantism and said some people were reacting to information that had not been proven in the case
The unit is tasked with reviewing and investigating some of the most depraved crimes imaginable
The Anaheim PD’s John sting underscores the pervasive nature of the demand side of prostitution – one prong of the pernicious problem of human sex trafficking
Trafficked individuals can prove to be a great resource if handled kindly and with finesse
Operation Relentless Guardian was conducted by law enforcement officers clandestinely posing as preteen and teenage girls in Internet chat rooms and on gaming apps
Darrick Bell, 50, is the accused leader of a sophisticated human trafficking and narcotics distribution operation in Detroit
Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the site “the dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex”
The National Johns Suppression Initiative has led to nearly 8,000 arrests of sex buyers since it began in 2011
A realty company grew suspicious of the activities of a tenant when they found hundreds of condoms clogging a waste disposal unit
In recent years, the feds have pursued about 50 sex trafficking cases, three resulting in life sentences
Windie Lazenko has worked with federal prosecutors, the FBI and police, testified before state lawmakers and addressed church and school groups
Nationally, the average age at which DMST victims are introduced into prostitution is 13 years old