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SHOT Show 2016: Grizzly Cartridge Company introduces .300 Blackout ammo

Best known for high performance, hard cast lead bullets and ammo for hunting or defense against big critters, the company is making a line of .300 Blackout subsonic ammo

Mike Rintoul of Grizzly Cartridge Company and Cast Performance Bullets has been in the industry for a long time. Best known for his high performance, hard cast lead bullets and ammo for hunting or defense against big critters that can bite back, he also is making a line of .300 Blackout subsonic ammo.

A 220 grain hard cast lead bullet with a Brinell hardness of around 20 is the projectile. Velocity is right around 1050. Mike says he gets a lot of hog hunters using them and they are reporting great penetration results through the thick shoulder gristle plate.

I asked about leading in barrels and suppressors. Mike reports that there should be little to no leading with the ammo due to the hardness of the bullet. Judging from his other ammo, that’s probably an accurate statement and not just hype.

The biggest thing to remember about lower velocity bullets is that they may expand very little if at all at subsonic velocities. A good hard cast bullet will shoot well and do just as good a job as a more expensive jacketed round.

Mike is selling this ammo at $9.95 for a box of 20.

Grizzly Cartridge also has a high performance line of hard cast, wide meplat lead bullet ammo in popular handgun and rifle cartridges for those who venture into the backcountry or hunt big game with handguns. They also load a turned brass “Punch” bullet that will out penetrate a lead bullet of equivalent weight. Out of a .45/70 it has been successfully used to take elephants in control hunts.

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