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Stop and Frisk

Remember that it isn’t enough to do the right thing; an officer must also thoroughly document the reason for doing the right thing
The continuing validity and constitutionality of stop and frisk depends on lawful execution of the practice
The court rules that evidence discovered in a third pat-down search over the course of a traffic stop is admissible
The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals determines the legality of a vehicle frisk done on an objective, and not subjective, basis
Rank-and-file cops said the vehicle report is just a new version of the “stop-and-frisk” form
According to Adams, the question is how, not if, stop and frisk should be used
Attorneys say there’s the possibility of a trial, but they would prefer to come to an agreement with the city and CPD
The 1,931 stops put the NYPD on pace to record less than 8,000 such encounters this year
The investigative or Terry stop is the bread and butter of the patrol officer who wants to make an impact on crime in their community
Nine months into his term, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has filed charges against 8 officers for 6 alleged on-duty incidents
While the ACLU continues to attack police use of “stop and frisk,” history shows that aggressive and focused policing substantially reduces crime
The ACLU of Wisconsin sued the department last year on behalf of a half-dozen people who claimed they were stopped once or multiple times since 2010
The group said it’s concerned about civil liberties, racial disparities and transparency over the NYPD’s practice of stopping and questioning people on the street
Study concludes a reduction in proactive stops by Chicago police officers was responsible for the spike in homicides and shootings
The study revealed a dramatic decrease in the number of stops since an ACLU of Illinois lawsuit, but found that officers were still targeting racial minorities
The lawsuit alleges the Milwaukee PD’s stop-and-frisk program is citywide but is concentrated in areas largely populated by minorities
Bill Bratton did not specify how exactly he believes the candidates and moderator misinterpreted the law, though he said he doesn’t believe Trump’s expansion plan is necessary
The Republican presidential contender confronted racial tensions after another night of violent protests in North Carolina
The stop and frisk tool for law enforcement has been particularly useful in addressing violent crime problems of a recurring nature and protecting officer safety
Jim and Doug discuss how stop and frisk is used and consider ways to better educate the public on the controversial tactic
Doug and Jim also discuss issues related to marijuana legalization and stop and frisk
The Supreme Court recognized that although police would need probable cause to make an arrest, a different standard existed for an officer to make an investigative stop short of an arrest
City’s police unions are arguing they should be able to continue to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy violated civil rights
City has asked a federal appeals court to drop the city’s appeals and lift the stay of a judge’s ruling that its police stop-and-frisk tactic sometimes discriminates
Judge has rejected efforts by police unions to overturn a ruling concluding that stop-and-frisk tactics are sometimes discriminatory
Faced with an increase in shootings in recent months, the NYPD is studying whether the big drop in stop-and-frisk encounters has impacted crime
Morale in the NYPD is improving under the leadership of Commissioner William Bratton as it shifts from what mayor called a “broken” stop-and-frisk policy
The de Blasio administration Friday named the city’s first-ever inspector general to oversee the police department
NYC will stop challenging a law making it easier to bring racial profiling cases against the police