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Virginia patrol officer’s dashcam video is another reminder that traffic stops can go from routine to life-threatening in the blink of an eye
Police recruits in Virginia take to the beach for an early morning PT session
“Alexa, play ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’”
Mental Health
“We are against the wall,” said Chief John Clair, an Army veteran who sometimes shuttles patients himself, and did so last month on a nearly 15-hour round trip to a hospital on the other side of the state
The Fairfax County Police Department found that the devices added substantially to its capacity to resolve crisis situations
Virginia Beach officers broke the driver’s window and pulled him out of the car before it became engulfed by flames
When police arrived with a search warrant, a suspect fired at them from inside the home, shortly followed by the explosion
The lawsuit centers around a failure to investigate Austin Lee Edwards’ admittance to a mental health facility during the hiring process
Officer Bruce Foster was shot from behind by a suspect while pursuing another fleeing suspect; both suspects are now in custody
The teen was charged with malicious wounding and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and was taken into juvenile detention
“If you have excess law enforcement protective equipment, my office will collect them and ship it to the Israel Defense Forces,” the AG said in a letter to all 123 Va. sheriffs