10 must-see Police1 Instagram posts of officers in action in 2021

From electric patrol cars to K-9 training, here are some of the most popular photos this year featured on the Police1 Instagram page

By Police1 Staff

Police1 readers had another busy and eventful year. They trained hard, honored fallen heroes, implemented new gear and made time for family. Luckily, they took a moment to capture all the highs and lows.

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1. Career Day

Officer Williams of the Peabody Police Department was honored by his daughter when she surprised him with her choice for kindergarten career day. (Photo/Williams)


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2. Rural policing

In rural areas where a beat can cover hundreds of square miles and backup is far away, a cop’s patrol rig is a shelter, shed and toolbox. (Photo/Reader submission). Read more about what rural cops carry in their rigs.


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3. The 21-foot rule

Researchers at Texas State University used a scientific method to determine if the controversial 21-foot rule holds up. Read about their key takeaways here.


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4. Drone's-eye view

A department drone captures the ceremony for 400 Richland County (S.C.) deputies as they are re-sworn after their sheriff took the oath of office. (Photo/Lt. Marcus Kim) Learn how to build the drone of your dreams here.


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5. electrifying

Meet this California PD's tricked-out Tesla! The Fremont (Calif.) Police Department believes there could be substantial savings by putting a fully electric vehicle into service as a patrol vehicle. (Photo/Fremont Police Department)


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6. Blue nights

A Colorado neighborhood is awash in blue after one of its residents, Officer Eric Talley, was killed while responding to an active shooter at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo/ Curt Bringle)


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7. K-9 Academy

K-9 teams graduate from the California Highway Patrol academy after completing between 400 and 600 hours of training. (Photo/California Highway Patrol) See more photos from the graduation here.


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8. Police Weekend 2021

In honor of Police Weekend 2021, poet Michael Marks penned a moving tribute to the men and women of law enforcement. Read his full poem here.


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9. Talk to me

Psychotherapist Hector Matascastillo says that while police officers may not all have crisis negotiating skills, social workers don't usually have tactical skills. (Photo/Hector Matascastillo)


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10. Bigger in Texas

The Texas Highway Patrol's biggest recruit class ever graduated last summer. Congrats to all the new troopers! (Photo/Texas Department of Public Safety)


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