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Why technology is the key to avoiding the next 9/11 and MCI preparedness
Striking photos show once-vibrant neighborhoods reduced to ash and rubble; see how PDs are helping those in their time of need
List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
Neighboring cities have been sending officers and firefighters since the Feb. 18 shooting; correctional officers, medics and dispatchers will join them to allow Burnsville first responders to attend the Feb. 28 funeral
“We’ve got a full complement now of patrol helicopters and that should last us a long time,” Sheriff Kelly Martinez said
Officer Rayando Bryan’s body camera recorded him and fire Capt. Terrance Simon breaking a car window to rescue the man
The K-9 was given the name Arno as an homage to fallen firefighter Jason Arno, who sacrificed his life in March while responding to a commercial building fire
A Chicago battalion chief and lieutenant were locked inside a house by a knife-wielding man during a fire
The $35 million will go to more than 10,000 law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and firefighters from 309 agencies
Firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole off for the victim to fit into an ambulance
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Firefighter Jordan Melton was one of two FFs shot five days ago
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff
Birmingham FFs Jones and Meltion are in serious and critical condition after being shot inside their firehouse
Police say two Birmingham firefighters were shot in the chest and legs
Brownsville EMS providers transported several injured people to hospitals
With the exception of just eight salvaged barrels, all of the evidence stored in the warehouse was lost in the inferno
Five hours after the initial call, the man started to run along the railing and attempted to jump over the bridge’s edge
One officer, who had previously served as a volunteer firefighter, said his fire training took over during the call
State police said both sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the incident
The Suffolk County DA said the now-former volunteer with the Wading River Fire Department arrived for work wearing what appeared to be a police uniform
Upton police, fire and EMS members and mutual aid partners carried the man out of a wooded area and transported him to a hospital
Police have yet to reveal a possible motive for the shooting, including whether it was a possible hate crime or domestic violence incident
“CHP investigators worked throughout the night interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence from the scene,” police said
Once the fire is under control, police property specialists will go inside and see what has been destroyed and what can be salvaged
The rescue happened more than seven hours after the man “split from another hunter he had been with” and vanished into the swamp
When the St. Louis County firefighter, driver and truck went underwater, Officers Don Shultz and Victoria Sarver got in the water to help with the rescue
Today – and every day – we thank you for your continued dedication, commitment and sacrifice
These are challenging times to be a first responder; your support is welcome and appreciated
The proposal request states the city wants to know how big the division of police needs to be to “effectively and efficiently serve” Cleveland