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“We’ve got a full complement now of patrol helicopters and that should last us a long time,” Sheriff Kelly Martinez said
Officer Rayando Bryan’s body camera recorded him and fire Capt. Terrance Simon breaking a car window to rescue the man
The K-9 was given the name Arno as an homage to fallen firefighter Jason Arno, who sacrificed his life in March while responding to a commercial building fire
A Chicago battalion chief and lieutenant were locked inside a house by a knife-wielding man during a fire
The $35 million will go to more than 10,000 law enforcement officers, EMS personnel and firefighters from 309 agencies
Firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole off for the victim to fit into an ambulance
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Firefighter Jordan Melton was one of two FFs shot five days ago
Stamford police, EMS, behavioral health members and firefighters worked together to end a 6-hour standoff