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College students get to know law enforcement recruiters at a career fair in Maine
Law enforcement officials told commission members that Maine’s yellow flag law makes it difficult to remove guns from potentially dangerous people
The proposals include requiring background checks for advertised private gun sales, harshening penalties for reckless sales and creating a violence prevention resource network
“It’s critical for our agency to look objectively at our actions … to help reduce the risk that something like this will happen again,” Sheriff Joel Merry stated
Weapons restriction orders were imposed at least 13 times under the law since the Oct. 25 shooting
“We have identified and employed the latest technology in an effort to ensure connectivity within our communications network,” Sheriff Michael Filicetti said
“They hear it as they’re at the range. They respond to the threat and address it immediately and clear the building,” Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck said
Joe Walker was reportedly shot twice in the stomach while trying to stop the shooter
The person of interest, who is still at large, has been identified as a firearms instructor recently treated at mental health facility
“Don’t show me your butt!” Officer Hilton can be heard saying as the animal approaches
The City of Biddeford is now offering fully certified dispatchers $41 an hour to help fill in the gaps on a part-time basis
“Myles and his friends were very excited to see the police cars, fire trucks, ambulance and obviously K-9 Tucker!” the department said
Not long after the crate was delivered, the man whose name was on the shipment showed up looking for the crate and was arrested
If passed, the bill would make victims’ families eligible for a $100,000 survivors benefit
The AG’s office has never found an officer-involved shooting in Maine to be unjustified
George Loder raised concerns about data gathering by the Maine Intelligence Analysis Center, which shares information it collects with other LE agencies
The calls kicked off a police response from agencies across the state and federal government
“It definitely shocked him. He was walking back to the building and got quite a wakeup call,” Capitol Police Chief Matthew Clancy said
The union has asked the town to provide an alternative work location free of hazards until all issues have been resolved
She said it was a faulty GPS. Police say it was likely her blood alcohol content
Trooper Mickael Nunez, who credits his perseverance and grit, wants to inspire others
The officer feared his partner was in danger of being run over, the report said
An Androscoggin County patrol deputy’s starting pay is $19.93 per hour, while corrections deputies start at $18.61
The troopers were sued for allegedly failing to protect a woman before her ex-boyfriend went on a shooting rampage in 2015
Deputy Luke Gross was an 18-year veteran of the sheriff’s department
The suspects tried to use coffee grounds to cover up the scent, said DEA officials
“Such unruly and dangerous aggression and use of force against our officers and community cannot and will not be tolerated,” Police Chief Frank Clark said