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Officer Survival

The Police Officer Survival topic page includes a wealth of articles, videos and training tips to help keep police officers safe on the streets. Read columnist commentary and learn about the latest techniques to employ in survival situations to come home safely after every shift.

Shot nine times while patrolling alone in a remote location, Young shares the survival lessons of his brutal attack
Every officer in uniform today is the beneficiary of the lessons taught to us by the Newhall officers
All officers must ask themselves if they can take the life of another if that dire decision is thrust upon them by fate or circumstance
Birmingham police officer Cullen Stafford is spending his birthday recovering from gunshot wounds
In this podcast segment, Doug sits down with Police1 Columnist Dan Marcou to discuss his latest book
To survive their police career, officers should strengthen every point of the survival triangle
Street Survival II delivers sound guidance on a variety of topics that are relevant to today’s street cop