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The court ruled that self-defense jury instruction that treated the officer like an ordinary citizen was erroneous
Sunrise over Walker County, Ala., as a deputy monitors interstate traffic
Elmore County Sherriff’s Office Deputy Steven Earl Sims II, 43, was found in a cruiser after attending a training conference for most of the week
Atlanta PD’s helicopter observed the jail escapee run through a residential area where he attempted to conceal himself inside a garbage can
Billy Clardy III was shot and killed while working on an undercover drug operation
“[Deputy] Eric Minix was a dedicated deputy and K-9 officer, but more importantly, he was a friend to everyone who knew him,” the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement
Deputy Jacob Cook drove his cruiser at more than 100 miles per hour to reach and save Alyra Jones
“If things don’t change, it’s going to be bad for Jefferson County,” Deputy Clint Bowden said
Officer Billy Clardy III was 48 years old when he was shot and killed in December 2019 during an undercover drug operation
“I’m extremely thankful for the other first responders on scene that terrible night,” Officer Elizabeth Minter said, crediting them with her life