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In Public Safety (AMU)

In Public Safety features analysis and commentary on issues relating to law enforcement, emergency management, fire services and national intelligence. Articles are authored by leading experts with decades of experience.

The first major step in starting counseling is to understand and trust the concept of confidentiality
Soft skills are challenging to quantify and measure, but are something that criminal justice employers seek out in candidates
Research shows that to reduce gang-related homicides, law enforcement, social services and the community must work together
Police officers serve their communities in three fundamental ways – as warriors, servants and leaders
Multiple reports have found that military branches continue to fail to submit fingerprint data to the necessary government agencies, jeopardizing public safety
While they may not be using the language of yoga, police firearms instructors are teaching many of the same principles and techniques
In order to survive and thrive in the law enforcement culture, my husband felt he could not afford to be vulnerable
Crusadism is a type of defense mechanism in which people deal with their pain by distracting themselves through productive and prosocial behavior
There are some common phrases that can escalate situations and generally counter an officer’s effort to effectively communicate
Officers who establish strong supportive resources before a critical incident are less likely to have difficulties after the incident
Sleep disorders are twice as prevalent in officers compared to the general public, with sleep apnea the most notable sleep disorder