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The challenges and trends that defined 2021
After 9/11, Dan Rowan, a 21-year FDNY veteran, moved from New York to Arizona to become a fourth-generation police officer – a change he says got him through some of his darkest days
Mayor Eric Adams stated there won’t be a hiring freeze of NYPD officers, allowing the department to start a new academy class in April that would have been canceled
The move will result in an estimated decrease of officers to about 29,000 by 2025
Mayor Eric Adams announced that next year’s city budget will come with “extremely painful” cuts, which are likely to impact the NYPD and FDNY
“This is not the time to run away, but it’s a time to run towards, and properly govern, AI,” Mayor Eric Adams said during an Oct. 16 press conference
The former third baseman, whose father served as an officer, acknowledges police work might’ve become a career “if I had had to get a real job”
With the exception of just eight salvaged barrels, all of the evidence stored in the warehouse was lost in the inferno
Once the fire is under control, police property specialists will go inside and see what has been destroyed and what can be salvaged
Lt. Alison Russo-Elling was on duty when she was stabbed multiple times near her EMS station
The museum will continue to have an online presence, including an educational toolkit for preserving the memory of Sept. 11, 2001
Recent statistics show dispatchers routed 25% of the 2,400 mental health calls from January to March 2022 – not the 50% of calls the program promised
The 83 first responders are deploying to Baton Rouge where they will help search and evacuate homes
FDNY officials say dispatchers worked manually during the outage and sent out emergency crews by radio
The NYPD and FDNY both declined to comment on the brawl Monday
Sept. 11 was a convergence of the worst possible problems in communication technology