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The first step to applying and implementing the lessons learned of any after-action report is to read the report, which unfortunately rarely happens
Here are the events and technologies the P1 team and our readership viewed as having the most significant impact on the profession in the last decade
Because crime is politicized and reported in its extremes, it is hard to convince the general public that Americans are in one of the safest eras in human history
Troy Doyle will head the department, which is still operating under a DOJ consent decree from 2015
Rather than simply pushing those goals to the next year, Natashia Tidwell, the independent monitor, said “more needs to be done”
One of new St. Louis County prosecutor Wesley Bell’s first actions is to reopen the case of the fatal officer shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson
The consent decree came following the fatal 2014 OIS of Michael Brown
If the bill was enacted, people convicted of killing or incapacitating K-9s and other animals used by LE would’ve faced at least three years behind bars and possibly 10
Attorney General Jeff Sessions could outline the changes during a Monday speech
A series of articles exploring police use of deadly force contain useful takeaways for street cops and police leaders alike
The painting, which shows what appears to be a pig in a police uniform, divided members of Congress for its depiction of Ferguson, Missouri
We asked street officers and supervisors to weigh in on a number of topics – from use of force to career satisfaction
P1 and LSU’s survey revealed differences in opinion among supervisors and street cops, female and male cops as well as LEOs of different races
We’ve gathered key findings in three critical areas: use of force, community relations and the mental health impact of events like Ferguson and Dallas
The issue with rewarding LEOs for showing “great restraint” when it comes to UOF is that it evaluates quality of outcome, not necessarily quality of decision
A total of 3,346 responses from verified sworn LE professionals revealed data that supports two narratives that had heretofore relied heavily on anecdotal evidence
Police Chief Jon Belmar said his department focused on investigating the shooting, not the incident at the store
The manager of the city said although they have missed deadlines, they are now moving “in the right direction”
A student’s painting that divided members of Congress has been removed from its Capitol Hill display
The St. Louis County Police Association is urging Rep. William Lacy Clay to have the painting taken down
As more cops are donning cameras, thorny legal issues are pushing from behind the recorded scenes
Both officers survived, but one left the department due to his injury
Gallup asked the question, ‘How much respect do you have for the police in your area — a great deal, some or hardly any?’ and the results were surprising
Protecting your personal information in an online world is a necessary process for officer and family safety
Parents as Teachers of Missouri says it’ll use lessons learned from protests that followed the fatal Ferguson OIS to help parents address the challenges of trauma
The ‘Ferguson effect’ is a trend toward a reactionary model of policing where a proactive approach to crime fighting is significantly limited
The motion, filed this month, seeks St. Louis County family court records concerning outcomes of any Brown-related juvenile cases
Missouri’s current law doesn’t specify that a suspect must be dangerous