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Chief Roger Schei details how he seeks to improve morale, align his agency more closely with its mission and initiate a shift in culture
An Idaho State Police trooper poses for a photoshoot
Chief Roger Schei of the Pocatello Police Department discusses the mindset required to be an effective law enforcement leader
The suspect refused to identify himself to officers or show them his hands; when K-9s were deployed, he stabbed them before turning the knife on officers
Police were searching for the suspect after he sent “threatening messages” to family; when officers conducted a traffic stop on him, the suspect drove off
Officer Josh Rigney, who was ambushed at his home, said he’d go through all of the pain again if it meant he’d still be the only cop (or innocent bystander) injured
The sheriff’s dive team found the body Saturday afternoon during a snorkeling training exercise
Bryan Kohberger’s trial has been set for early October. The prosecutor now has 60 days to inform the court whether he will seek the death penalty in the case
A Bear Lake County deputy was wounded after shooting himself while handling what he believed was a non-lethal training pistol
Justices ruled that the K-9 jumping onto the car door and sniffing at the seam constituted trespassing, leading to illegal search
One council member said he didn’t want Jason Kuzik, then 52, because he was “getting close to retirement”